Hey, I was thinking about getting a Warwick amp because I like the overall tone and feel (though it's a bit unorthodox) of the Corvette Taranis. I was wondering if the amps are really any good. Do we have any owners here? I want to get as much user feedback as possible. I was looking at either the 115 or 210 here:


Warwick makes great equipment, whether you're looking at basses, amps, or strings. Everything they make is extremely high-quality, but they're all acquired tastes. I've tried them, and they sound great even with the EQ flat; it only gets better from there. They get two thumbs up from me.
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The 115 PRO is a very nice 1x15 cab, and it has a very nice quality/price ratio. The 211 PRO is nice too (has a good frequency response, and a good overall sound and quality) but it can handle only 300 watts. I know that it states that it can handle 400 watts, but it has two speakers with a power rating of 150 watts, and 200 watts peak each. So the cab has a max handling of 300 watts, and not 400 watts. 300 watts may not be few, but they may become a problem when you use the cab with a strong head. In conclusion, both of them are nice cabs, but if you want to use only one of them as a standalone, get the 211 PRO, or even better the 411 PRO if you can. Don't bother with the 410 PRO please. It is inferior compared to the 411 PRO. After that, you can add the 115 PRO, and have your personal wall of sound (trust me, the 411 and the 115 together make a terrific combination)
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