Ok here goes..Few things to keep in mind. Just finished writing this which I wrote in about 30 minutes..This is pretty much the first song I've written..my whole life =/. It's about me and my girlfriend and the "journey" we've came...So please critique any critisim is welcome!

Verse 1
We've been through it all.
And we have the scars to show.
I tried so hard.
But you just ignored it all.

But the journey we've come, has been so long.
But you were worth every scar.
It's taken some time for you to realize,
That you mean so much to me.

Verse 2
My heart has been ripped in shreds,
And now it's almost dead.
But then you said "I love you."
And all is resurrected.


Verse 3
Now I'm stitched up with your love.
I was lost, but now I'm found
I would climb this mountain for you,
Until I reached the blue.
All for you....
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