Some help? Ive been playing gtr for almost 2 years, but I havnt written a song of mine and I really want to so when people say.. Oh what songs that? I tell them.. Mine :P

Ive tried but are stupid lol and dont like them, where can i gte inspiration or something like that? or how do i start?
Songs are like poetry, if not poetry. THe number one things that poet and songwriters write about is love. That includes stuff about it, personal experiences and whatnot. However, in the music world, it could be different. Songs about random things are common.

All I could advise you is hum a melody when you have a chord progression, then add words.
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Personally, I find just screwing around with the guitar helps. Just playing anything that comes to mind or putting my fingers in random chord shapes and seeing if it sounds good.

If that sounds too unreliable, I would like to point out that I have about 3 hours of music written from doing that so

But yeah man, trust me, it can take awhile when you're first starting out (took about a year and a half before I wrote anything) but just have fun. Play random chord progressions, or just single notes. Find progressions in other songs and try and replicate that sound without the tab (this works really well in certain cases, as trying to replicate an evil song will create an evil song that sounds very little like the original. Just try not to rip off the song....), just string random notes together in a riff and see what you like. Just have fun man.
Best way to write a song is to have fun.
Good luck!
Listen to an inspire dperson speak eloquently! ( english teacher) that overly ambisious person has sweet phrases that are just aching to be put to song, I would say too think of a life story ( a breakup,divorce etc.)
I got a good idea at the walker art museum in Mpls. they have a skyline observatory and i watched the cars roll through the free way and the skyline settle in and wrote what came to mind Ie." The cars roll by and the skyline settles in
reminding us of forgotten places we have been
before our time was over
before we found somethin new"
I wrote that and i don't mind of you take it, our band will be flattered if you use it anyway, but that may not even be what the final song sounds like, you'll feel genius phrases pop into your head that just add too it but don't over rhyme! those last two lines didn't rhyme at all, listen to alot of songs and they don't ryme but the phrases are so close they don't need to, That was my big prob. everything was to rhyme for a pop/grunge band, sounded more like fast rap! well i hope this worked for you