already Im not sure if this is the right forum, but Im sure if its not ill be told so soon enough

So Im learning keyboard/piano and I need a good solid MIDI keyboard to get me started so I can also record through garageband, basically, will this keyboard cut it


looking to the piano/keyboardists of UG to help a guy out here

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It probably will, given what you're looking for.

I've got one of those, and it doesn't quite cut it for me. Then again, I'm doing more complicated stuff. That should be good for you.
thanks, and what do you mean by more complicated stuff, just so I know the life expectancy before Ill have to buy a newer one to accommodate me as I get better
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chloe was in chemistry. chloe is no more, for what she thought was H2O was H2SO4
that would be fine until you decide you need a full range (88-key model), or more onboard controls. Hoe long that takes depends on you, and some people who play keys for electronic stuff never use 88 keys, depends on what you want to do with it.
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I agree with Sargasm. It'll do the job from the sounds of you need, though personally, I'd recommend getting a better one. Maybe one with multiple effect channels/midi effects. Most people assume that those kinda cheapy 50-dollar all-in-one keyboards that allow drums, guitar, synth, etc.. are bad quality, but they're not, so long as you have the right adapters/midi cables.

When I actually synth, I have like a 50-dollar keyboard from Walmart that does the trick flawlessly. Hasn't failed to do anything I've needed it to, yet. (at least, not that shouldn't be done after recording, anyway)
That keyboard wouldn't suit me, since I absolutely require 88 fully-weighted keys. (49 keys won't support Rachmaninoff ) But for recording purposes, the octave switcher and synth action should serve you well.