Are they any good in your opinion?

Trying to go for a Trivium sorta sound, so heyy, why not get Matt Heafys guitar XD

Thanks anyway
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They can be with a proper setup. Just be prepared the rapid influx of negative comments that will flood in within the next day (This is UG, Deans and BC Rich's are looked down upon for some reason).
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Ahh riight, Kks lol.

I bet they're seen as a more of a 'Show' guitar, than a playing guitar.

You have an AVT amp like me, :]
Tell ya why they are looked down upon... They go for that WOO WE LOOK DIFFERENT angle and the sound suffers... just look at the razorback... looks pretty cool but its uncomfortable and it has so much feedback and noise its no good... For god sakes noise gates barely help it... Look at matt heafy live with an unprocessed guitar and its a joke... You want trivium sound? Gibson Les Paul w/ EMG's or a Jackson
Ibanez is a great company... I've played a few... For a good metalish sound get the RG with Trem... godly guitars
kks thanks :]

So.. Any RG with a floyd rose trem? ( i want a FR Trem )
cause there's so many models, and i don't know which to choose. Aha.
Wanting a Razorback because Matt Heafy plays one: PHAIL!
Wanting one because you want a tone like Trivium: PHAIL!

Get a guitar you feel is right for you, and go with that.
Find your own sound.
Looks don't have anything to do with how they sound. It takes alot more then a guitar to get there tone. Instead of going for the Trivium sound, why not go for your own sound? If you find something you like, I'm sure you'll be much happier in the end. For the price of the RB, you can get alot of different guitars, I think the looks should be the last thing you're worried about.

Thanks for the help :]

Will take that into account more now, hey, i'm only a teen, what do you expect,
Ha. I'm only 17 dude, but I found out that going for somebody elses sound isn't too good of an idea a while ago. What's your price range?
Yer my mate brought one but within about a week he traded it in because it was uncomfortable to play, its sounded like a broken lawnmower when you had the gain anything under about 9.9 and it sounded exactly the same as a £50 that you put EMGs on. The trem on them isnt amazing either, he traded it in and got a flea music man bass, now that is an instrument.

I suggest looking at a really nice gibson and for god sake dont put EMGs in it, because EMGs just make your guitar sound stock you put a £50 guitar with emgs next to a £1000 guitar with emgs exctly the same sound, ive had experience with deans there bad and gibson les paul with no emgs and a few pedals will be awsome

edit: im only 16 but i do alot of research and have now got myself a Fender American Tele, i spent about 3 months researching that just dont jump at a guitar coz your fav guitarist plays it coz i wouldve ben playing a flying V to be like tim wheeler which i didnt like very much
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Good advice, but EMG's in a started guitar and having them in a high end instrument are deffinatly not the same.