Ok I'm pretty new to recording so could someone give me a "Step By Step" instruction on how to record into Audacity using Line 6 Gearbox. I can't even figure out how to lay down tracks on Gearbox so I need step by step on that too.
You have to go to the options of Audacity and select the Toneport/Gearbox as the main audio input for Audacity and then just record from there.
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yes if that doesn't work just go to your sound card.... sound controls in the control panel and select toneport as your line in device. You can also select it as your output device. Then just plug your speakers out of the sound card into the output in the guitarport. I dont know why but it sounds better to me that way. I tried audacity a long time ago and hated it. I went to circuit city and bought magix audio studio 6 which they dont sell anymore but it was 29 bucks and i still use it to this day and have done some really good recordings on it.