Alright, so I was hoping to find a good combo amp with enough power to be used for shows, use valve/tubes, and be under a grand.

The main problem is that I would mostly be using it for metal, and hard rock, but I would also need it to be able to do good cleans, considering the Opeth-like balance in the music I play.

EDIT: When I say metal, in terms of tone, I don't mean super gritty like most death/black/thrash metal. I mean a bit more refined like... Arch Enemy, Trivium, Metallica, Dream Theater, etc. Lots of overdrive and heaviness, without being overly distorted. At most, probably like Children of Bodom.
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You could probably find a used Carvin V3 combo in your range.

From what I've heard of/about them they're pretty good for that kind of stuff.
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