according to GC, the Fender Champion 600, Epiphone Valve Junior, Gretsch Electromatic 5222, Peavey Valve King Royal 8, and the Crate V Series V5 are all under $200. I've got EQ, Dist, Delay, Chorus, & Delay Pedals, which kind of throws the peavey out. Which amp does UG prefer?
When it comes to the low wattage amps in the 5 watt range i prefer to spend that 200 dollars on a 30 watt solid state amp. I'm a tube guy all the way but I mean i've never been impressed with any of these lower wattage tube amps. A lot of people disagree but solid state just has more options and you can get high gain tone at low wattage. Now when it comes to bigger amps im all tube. I own serveral tube amps but all of my low wattage amps are solid state. But out of the ones ive tried I like the crate v series... although id save up a little more and get the crate v series in a higher wattage. Not saying go to much more. I'd go for one of the 16 or 20 watts. I forget which one exactly it is they got in that range but I tried them out at my local music store and am tempted to get one myself.
i'm going to be using this amp in a dorm, so less is more in terms of sound. What solid state amps would you recommend in my price range?

I was also looking at the peavey jsx mini collosal
the jsx mini collosal would be a great choice imo. Although if i was getting me a practice amp for my dorm I would probably go with one of the VOX hybrid amps. I like the XL series but thats because I like high gain. A lot of people here don't like the XL's as much. A lot of options and a lot of tones on those little amps. When it comes to smaller amps I think amp modeling is a good thing. Instead of just one 5 watt tube amp with one clean tone and the eq not effecting it all that much. Then you'll be on here wanting to know what pedals to get.
i'm already set up with toneport + laptop, so along with my boss and keeley pedals i should be fine in that realm. Right now the jsx is looking like what i'll be getting, but i'll head over to GC later and check out the vox hybrids as well. Dealing with building restrictions is annoying...I've got this kickass amp setup back home (Mesa Triaxis & 2:90, G-Force and a Monster PowerPro 2500), but I don't imagine that people would be tolerant of a 2:90 in close quarters (or within a quarter mile of me, lol). Thanks for the help, I think I had better get some sleep
oh, one last question; do you know what the difference between the mogami 1/4'' to 1/4'' TRS patch cable and the 1/4'' plug to 1/4'' mono hi-def patch cable?
Yeah Ive got a few high gain tube amps 100 watts plus... but i can only play them in our band room and at my parents house. I live in an apartment and am not able to play it here. I'm not sure about all the cables or what to get. I use planet wave cables and thats about it. lol They got a lifetime guarantee
also look at some local music stores... my local music store has their brand of cable which is lifetime guarantee and its no questions asked. meaning you can step on it or tear it up however and you get a new one.
What kind of music are you playing?

If you're not playing high gain stuff, I'd stick with the smaller tube amps. The Fender Champion (and the Gretch, which I believe is the identical amp), are probably the quietest of the bunch, if you're concerned about dorm room playing. They'll give you a nice, old, American blues type sound.

I don't know why you think your pedals discount the Peavey, although that probably would've been my last choice, anyway. I haven't tried the V5, but I really liked the Palomino V8. The little Blackheart is worth a look, too, as it's basically a modded VJ.

If you're doing high gain in your dorm room -and that's it!- then something like a Microcube might make more sense for you.
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like slats said, if it's primarily hi gain get yourself a cube. BUT, if you play mostly mid gain or classic rockish style gain, save up $60 more and get the blackheart combo. VERY nice sounding stock. an OD would be needed for times when you can't have hardly any volume but need overdrive though.

keep that in mind w/ all the tube amps, if you have strict volume limits you need to go w/ a vox valvetronix for mid gain and cube for hi gain.
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