I have a yamaha eg112


and I want to give it a nice fender strat type sunburst such as

So after sanding it all down (is it necesary to sand the back and the sides down completely since I am pretty much just giving a new color on the top) I start out with black paint (do I need to use primer at all?) and use a template like in this tut


then just go over red/brown and then some amber? I dont have to worry about getting the amber on the black right? In this vid the dude just goes right over it


Or would it be better to just start off with the amber on the inside then work my way out?

Then I just clear coat and buff/polish?

What paints can I use (I plan on using cans btw) Are there any translucent type paints? Can I get anything that they sell at walmart or ace hardware?

also, If I wanted to color the neck, should I just stain it? Would I need to sand the neck down?

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I can tell you that spray cans are not going to give you the type of finish that is in that pic you posted, not even close. The amber and reddish brown are stain or translucent color added to a clear coat, not paint. You would have to sand the whole guitar body not just the top as if you try to mix top coats (say laquer and polyurethane) they will probably not cure correctly and even crack. Also how thick the finish is can greatly affect the tone of the guitar.
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lol so I wanted to see if I could do a crappy sunburst and I can

thats also my new cardboard guitar :/

or I could stain the thing right?


and then spray with black spray paint?

Edit: ok after reading some more, Im going to stain the entire thing, use some lacquer clear (correct?) and do a few coats, sand a little, then spray with some brown, then black.

What type of spray paint do i need?
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