Greetings From Denmark

I need some advice on picking put the right amp something with a better sound then my Marshall VS30. I’ve been thinking going for the tubes/valves after I tried a Valve King 112 at my local Music-dealer. It sounded alot better then my current amp but still it’s way too loud for me. So I started to some research for a better amp to suit my needs: An low wattage amp mainly for home practice and occasionally jamming with my friends, but the top priority is it’s good at my study and it has nice all-round tone for classic rock and some old heavy metal now and then. In my search for something else then the VK112 I looked at Mesa Boogie 2:25 nice feature with wattage switch and a really good sound but only heard it at the web, as it extremely high price in Denmark I looked elsewhere. And now my eyes are nailed at Laney VC30 and pull out two tubes to get a lower output or maybe get one those good looking BlackHeart amps.
Choices so far:
Laney VC30 or Blackheart Handsome Devil.
So the Question Comes down to: Would any of those be a good choice or do I need to save up ?
I know from reading a lot of post on this great forum and elsewhere that the best way to choose an amp is to hear it, but my problem is that my local dealer is piled up with stacks or fender amps and the valveking.
Oh btw my Guitar is a Ibanez Sz520 with emg 81/85 sounds damn good

Regards From Denmark
Both of those on your short list are great amps. So would that Mesa if you can afford it.

I'm not an expert on these or pulling tubes so bump for ya.

Also, if you change your mind on the VK for any reason you can use the second input jack and turn Texture knob to 'A' and play pretty softly and still get tube breakup. I think the other 3 options tho are better if you can afford.

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the big problem is high gain on a budget... if you don't need metal tones, that laney would be fine.

the mesa express is nice, but as you say, extremely expensive in europe.
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I really wouldn't even consider the Mesa. I think it's a highly overpriced amp for what it is and I'm in the US, I can only imagine it being 2-3x worse in Denmark

People are probably going to hate me for saying it, but I actually liked the VK better than either of the Mesa Express amps. Maybe because I was expecting so much more from it after having owned an F-30, the series the Express replaced.

The F series is BY FAR better than the Express. Don't waste your money.
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I'd say the Laney, or the Laney VC15 to save some money.
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