Can anybody tell me about the advantages of heavier strings especially with an acoustic?
i know that barre chords are more difficult to play with heavier strings and that they´re better for lower tunings as drop c or drop b.
but there must be some advantages with standard tuning too right? does it affect the sound?
any experiences?

they sound better,and barre chords aren't that hard to play on heavier gauges....you may have to use a bit more strength but the sound will be better.Especially on (semi)acoustic guitars
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  • Warmer tone
  • makes your finger muscles strong
  • You can tune lower

However, some people find it more diffcult to do solo's on thicker strings (the pick remains in contact with the string for longer), they hurt more when they snap :-/ If you go from a thin gauge to a thick gauge and plan to keep them, you will need to adjust your intonation and possibly truss rod.
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