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I know most of us are to young to have had something major happen in our lives but when my dad died it was had a big impact on me. The song tears in heaven by eric Clapton was a song that really impacted me at the time because it talks about seeing the person in heaven and maybe not remembering them and it made me really sad after I saw the story behind it as his whole family died.

Anyways, what song made the most impact on you? Why?
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Patterns In The Ivy present ethnicity on an intriguing and dedicated level. ~Ambient Exotica
A mesmeric melange of yearning voice, delicate piano and carefully chosen samples. ~Lost Voices
Either The drapery falls by opeth because it was the first song i heard by them and i was like wow. Either that or Octavarium by Dream Theater
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Boy, by Quorthon (Side project of Bathory)

I always liked the song but when I actualy listened to the lyrics I found out the entire song represented all I've been through.
Getting reminded of that in just 6 minutes really gets to you.
+ the fact Quorthon died, that always gives a certain mood to music.
Money For Nothing - Dire Straights. The reason I learned to play the guitar not just for the riff but it makes a really good point.
Symphony X - Inferno (unleash the fire)

I had never heard a guitar played like that, it blew me away and gave me a love for complex and progressive music
lots of songs have had impacts on me at different times for different reasons.

i cant answer this question.

On topic. I'd say an actual abum. Black holes and revelations - Muse.
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anenome- brian jonestown massacre
in fact the whole their satanic majesties second request album

because they then became my favorite band and make me feel happy
off to see them again tonight
now extra flamey
Reinventing Your Exit - Underoath
and recently Mercenary Man - Firewind cuz one of my best buds is in the military and I haven't seen him for like 6 months...
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Jane Doe by Converge. Srsly, that song leaves you emotionally drained.
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Open Your Eyes - Alter Bridge
New To Town With A Made Up Name

In The Angel's City

Chasing Fortune And Fame
Comfortably Numb-Pink Floyd. Well actually that whole album inspired me to write music, and really just decide who I was in life. It's weird I know, but it's my favorite album by far, and you can tell by my playing, it really does have a huge impact there.
There have been a number of songs that've done that for me.

Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin - As cliche as it may be, after hearing this song, I decided I wanted to learn to play guitar.
Ziggy Stardust - David Bowie - I got so obsessed with this album. Showed me that music doesn't need to be terribly complex to be brilliant.
It's Complicated Being a Wizard - Portugal. The Man - Turned my idea of music completely upside down.
Addicted to Bad Ideas - The World/Inferno Friendship Society - Words cannot describe how much I love this song, and how much it has affected my outlook on life (and certain illegal substances in particular)
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Where's Me Joomper? - Sultans Of Ping - Words cannot describe the magic I felt upon hearing this piece. Suffice to say, it completely transformed my outlook on life. It made me decide to live, is what I'm saying. Not only did it inspire me to pick up an instrument and let loose the muse within me, this song truly opened my eyes to the workings of the universe.
Tears in heaven not only because I now know the meaning of the history behind the song, but Unplugged came out about a year after I was born, and my mom used to listen to the CD a lot, so that song reminds me of a simpler time. That was also the very first song I've ever learned the whole way through on the guitar, and it was an honor learning it.


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(in order....kinda)

"Come With Me"- Puff Daddy. First song I remember being obsessed with (I loved Kasmir before I even heard Kashmir).

Anything from Smashmouth's "Fush Yu Mang". First album I was obsessed with.

"Prayer"- Disturbed. First time I really liked heavier music.

"N.I.B."- Song that made me want to play guitar a bit heavier.

"Master of Puppets"- Metallica. First time liking a soft part in a metal song.

"Seabeast"- Mastodon. First big introduction to progressive metal styles.

"Forest of October"- Opeth. First ever Opeth song I heard, and completely changed the way I have looked at music since.

"Drought"- Pelican. First big leap into the more sludgy varieties in metal, and opened my eyes to more music than I could ever imagine. Also got me interested in texture over technicality.

"Curse You All Men!"- Emperor. Introduced me to symphonic black metal, and its amazingness.

"Shitstorm"- Strapping Young Lad. Made me realise heavy isn't always about being technical.

"Ocean"- John Butler. Refueled my love of acoustic work, and made me more interested in open tunings.

"Your Hand in Mine"- Explosions in the Sky. Made me far more interested in ambient stylings, and introduced me to post rock (though they aren't exactly post rock).

"Silver"- Jesu. REALLY vaulted my appreciation of texture, and introduced me to one of my main heroes. Justin K. Broadrick.

"Enter"- Russian Circles. Made me have my first eargasm.

"Concubine/Fault and Fracture"- Converge. Proved that I could REALLY get into metalcore and hardcore stylings.

That's all for now. As far as I know, that's ABOUT it, in terms of bit impacts.
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The Tragically Hp - Scared
Sarah brightman and Andrea bocelli - Time to say goodbye
Alterbridge - In Loving Memory
Baz Lurmahn - Sunscreen
Run to the Hills - Maiden. First heavy metal song I heard. My dad walked into my room put a CD into my stereo, and said check this **** out.
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Simple Man - Lynyrd Skynyrd and Fade to Black - Metallica. When I die, I want those two songs played at my funeral.
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I forgot one.

"Purple Haze"- Sabrepulse. Got me into chiptek and electronic music as a whole. I was into trance a LITTLE before, but Sabrepulse REALLY got me into electronic.
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The Calling - Wherever You Will Go
The Red Jump Suit Aparatus (sp?) - Your Gardian Angel

I hav my reasons


Raining blood.
Inspired me to start listening to metal
Inspired me to pick up the guitar
First full song I ever learned
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I couldn't possibly pick one song. There's a lot of songs.
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Fur Elise - The Great Ludwig Van

Coma, Don't Cry, Estranged, November Rain, Patience - Guns N' Roses

Wild Horses, Sway, Salt of the Earth, Let it Bleed, You Can't Always Get What You Want - Rolling Stones

Heroin - The Velvet Underground

We Are the Few - Streetlight Manifesto

Tangled Up in Blue, I Want You, Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again - Bob Dylan

The Weight - The Band
You are like a hurricane
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where the feeling stays.
I want to love you but
I'm getting blown away.
Fix you- Coldplay

I don't listen to Coldplay ever, but my school did a slide show for Katrina victims on the one year anniversary, and the song was so fitting. It's so moving if you look at the lyrics.

East Hastings- Godspeed you! Black Emperor. When I realized how beautiful post-rock was, i was sitting in an empty pool at 3:30 am, high out of my mind, wearingonly my boxers, i was listening to this song. now that i can't smoke anymore, this song gets me closest to that feeling.
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Welcome to the Jungle. It completley changed my music taste at the time and this was pre guitar hero. All I listened to was rap before that but after this song I got really into rock and I have been ever since. Then later Cowboys From Hell introduced me to more hardcore metal and got me into that genre.
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The Hell Song - Sum 41

First guitar-driven song I ever really LISTENED to. Blew me away.
the original Hallelujah by Leo Cohen
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