Hey folks! I need some pickup rec...

I'm a metal player, thrash, power, death... ect.. I dig it all...

wit a touch of classical

I have a Jackson DK2(S/S/H) Jackson JS300 kelly and an Ibanez RG7321.

First off, I need an high out SC, or SC sized HB for the neck spot on my first Jackson.
Also, some good Neck/Bridge combos for the other Jackson and Ibanez.

I got modding fever... so sue me
yeah. amp. and what do you dislike about your current tone?
Ibanez RG321MH (Air Classic/Tone Zone)
Fernandes Telecaster (Twang King/stock bridge pickup)
Blackstar HT-20 (Scumback 55 speaker/ Tung Sol tubes)
TC Electronic Nova Repeater
Lava Cables Clear Connect, Soar and Mini ELC
Right, right... I'm usin a Peavey Vavleking 112, The bridge pup in my Dinky is great, just want a hotter neck pickup.
That ones not really neccecary though...

The stock bridge in my 7 RG could do tons better. I'm lookin for clarity, and high output.

High out put bridge/neck pup for the other jackson, which has some so-so 'jackson' brand pups...

I dont DISLIKE my tone... I just think some spots could do better... little more clarity, higher output...
Tight low end for the 7string... something that is very articulate, not too bright though... I want to be able to recognize notes

for my other jackson... Idk... Just more of a kick! Tight sound, that sorta thing...

Srry if that doesnt help.