Hey all.

I've started a home-based business and I'm trying to make some home-made business cards. I'm going to get professional ones done but it looks like it'll take a week for them to get to me and I want to get started right away.

Any ideas? It just has some basic info like name of company, my name, phone number and a little logo and slogan I'll print out. Was thinking of sticking them on 3x5 cards but I need some ideas of ways to do this without it looking completely unprofessional (i.e. I don't want it to be obvious I did it on 3x5 cards!)

Seriously any ideas at all would be great. Figured you guys would know

Obviously something cheap and that I can easily find is crucial, otherwise defeats the purpose (of something to use till I get my professionally-made ones)
Just something really simple, name - company - logo. No crappy little pictures or any of that ****. If you keep it simple you will look more professional (and it will cost less).
Maybe wait the week? Great things come to those who wait...or something like that.
Call me Jeff if you want, I prefer that.