I'm a complete n00b at recording I asked my mate how i should get the sound of my guitar into the computer and he said to use the line in on ur soundcard, where can this be found and what does it look like? pictures would help lots!!
it'l be in the back of your computer and it will have a little picture of a microphone above/next to it
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also take note of the arrows on each input. If they face in, it's an input.
If they face out, its an output.

I've run across cards that are not color coated and so I had to go by the arrow.

see the low budget recording video at the top of the boards. I suggest getting an audio interface if you want quality but the line in may work...
The sound card has three jacks.
Green: Speaker/Headphones
Blues: Line-In
Red: Microphone

Check on the back of your PC.

Hope this is what you meant. If not sorry.