I'm on the ibanez website and some of the ibanez guitars have INF pickups on.

Are they any good?

And how are they compared to the DiMarzio pickups?
They're just Ibanez's own pickups. I'm pretty sure that they're the OEM pickups, which go on their Korean production guitars, but I may be wrong. Anyway, they're pretty decent - nothing to write home about, but definitely not crap. They want to be DiMarzios, so badly.
I'll sell you an Ibanez INF bridge pickup lol

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their pretty good for stock pickups yuo might change them later down the track to mould your own sound though
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they're bad stock pickups, well not all. the INF 3 and 4, contrary to what the website says, is really weak and muddy. the INF 1 and 2 pickups are better but are not at par with Dimarzio.
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stock pickups wont be as good as dimarzio s though unless the stocks are them lol
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