I'm posting this at the risk of being slated for posting a question that's been asked before...but here goes:

I have just bought a zoom G2.1u pedal, i haven't used pedals before really (i have got a couple of others - a Boss Compression Sustain and Russian Big Muff).

I just need a bit of help with setting up my own patches - i'm assuming thath this is used inorder to programme a series of effects into the pedal to be alternated between during a song - but knowing me i got this wrong too.

Also any tips or advice anyone can offer around using thios pedal would be very much appreciated

Ta las
Sure i can help, heres a patch site for it: http://www.haax.se/manualsite/index.php?unit=G2 that should be useful, i use some of these patches for my g2.1u
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