so my Jackson rr3's jack just mysteriously unwired one night...

i rewired it back the best i could, no wire touching, or anything that could possibly cause this annoying hum... plus whenever i touch the screws on the sides of the seymour dunc pickups, or the metal volume knob, i get HORRIBLE feedback....

what could be a cure for this problem?

serious answers please....
Quote by Martindecorum
microphonic feedback could be a possibility, and or earthing problem

how could this be relayed throught the volume knob to cause a humlike feedback?

its not like, screeching, its like an increased hum... but still annoying, none the less...
then its just not earthed correctly, im not sure how to fix this problem but try the search bar, type in earthing see if that comes up

when a guitar is not earthed correctly it will cause a fuzz and gets quiet loud once facing the amp

for little tips turn urself in a 360 degree circle until u find a spot that doesnt humm
search grounding as well. most people say ground but others say earth.