so i had an epi lp-custom which i sold to help me fund my hellraiser...well my hellraiser is on its way, but i still want another guitar thats fairly good for all genres

heres the thing...i have $300 left after buying my schecter so...should i get a new guitar now or

wait until my next paycheck comes in , which is like in a week ($500+) and just spend some cash on essentials for my hellraiser like straplocks, strings, new strap?

if the guitar...name me some that are worth getting.... im looking for a used MIm tele but i cant seem to get one

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If you want an all-rounder, get a MIM or MIA Strat, PRS, or a HSS Jackson
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I agree with getting some effects or something. I see in your sig you have a Flextone. I forget, does that model have an effects loop? If so, I suggest maybe a boost pedal to throw in the loop, something along the lines of a maxon OD808. It should be all the boost you need.