To start off, I'd rather not ship this kit. Local sales would be great.

This is an older Pearl Export kit. It includes:

22" bass drum (original wrap, fully cleaned)
22" bass drum (same as above)
8" tom (new black wrap, upgraded ISS Mounts)
10" tom (same as above)
12" tom (same as above)
14" tom (same as above)
16" unfinished floor tom ( all hardware included)
2 extra sheets of black wrap (each wrap measures 22x16, will not fit bass drums but can be used for the 16" for any other shell of smaller size)
6" and 8" remo rototoms ( with mounting bar, which was cut to mount individually)
Pearl 800 series hi hat stand
Snare Stand (believe PDP or Gibraltar)
Extra hardware and tom arms

I am looking to sell flat out for 400, or will trade for guitars and or guitar gear of equal value.

Attached are two pics of when I had it setup. I live in NJ 08070 for local sales.

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No cymbals, stands, bass pedals, throne or rack is included, so please do not ask.
I play with sticks and strings
Man that is a tempting offer, shame I'm not from the us, free bump
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How much would the snare, 1 bass drum, the 12 14 and 16 inch toms be?
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How much would the snare, 1 bass drum, the 12 14 and 16 inch toms be?

there are no snares, cymbals, stands, rack included at all. I could work you out a deal for the bass, 12, 14, 16 but will not ship these..
I play with sticks and strings