This is a pretty weird problem that i've found so i don't know if it goes here but anyway. Ever since i can remember i've been involved with music and loved it, due to my dad playing etc but i've never actually been in love with guitar. So i've gone through a lot of realizations and looking at myself and i've sort of worked out that i can't appreciate what i write. I know it sounds stupid, but i think it ties in with the fact that i've felt i could never really be myself around people and that nothing is ever good enough, low esteem etc. To me whenever i play it's like im playing what should be heard, or what should sound good, or what some other player would do, and therefore not giving me a whole lot of satisfaction because im not expressing MYSELF.

Anyway a few weeks ago i just told myself to go for it and play how i want and i couldn't put the guitar down. I got excited about guitar for the first time, but then the next day i picked it up and it was back to the same thing again. About a week later i did the same thing but since then nothing.

I was just wondering if any of you guys have experienced this and i should go about trying to get into this positive headspace again. It really just feels like i can't connect to anything at all. It's not that i'm not creative enough, its just finding that little spot.
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What I do is I listen to some guitar music, like Joe Satriani. Not because I'm trying to figure out how a song should be played but because when I hear music like Satch, I hear somebody playing their heart out and it inspires me to get excited about playing guitar again.
Hope this helps and good luck getting out of your rut.
pick up the banjo. it's fun as hell
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Perhaps the guitar isn't the right instrument for you? Try playing around with the piano, or bass for a while, and see how it feels. The journey to finding ones personal expression is long, hard and painfull at some times, but oh how rewarding if you manage the effort
What I try to do is focus on a certain emotion that I am trying to express. I allow that emotion to fill me up and then try to convey it through the guitar. Sometimes I listen to other people's music and let the emotion that their music conveys to me be the emotion that I try to convey my own way.

I know that all of that was vague as hell, but it is the best way I can describe it. And it certainly doesn't always work, but it helps.
first off, it's very difficult for any artist to fully appreciate what he/she/it writes. the reason for this is our eyes are always on the horizon and we, more than anybody else, know our shortcomings and thus they seem a lot larger to us than to anybody else (listener, reader, etc.). so just realise that not everybody is fully appreciative of what they write even though listeners may be.

second, are you having trouble expressing yourself because you can't get what's in your head onto the guitar? in that case you may need ear training and to take time when composing to be sure what's in your head it's what you're playing.

third, listen to all genres of music. there's something in every kind of music that you can take out. even if you hate ambient sludge metal, perhaps you enjoy the layering of the sounds that the bands use. take this idea and try to apply it to your music.

fourth, try and identify exactly what you are playing that you don't like. do you use too many I-IV-V progressions? do you really hate the sound of V7-I cadences? for this you may need to learn more theory, and if you don't want to do that, then you're going to have to mess around with guitar making sure that you are never falling into your typical playing patterns. that's hard to do without at least a little bit of music theory.

finally, just relax man. self-expression isn't some kind of static point that you will reach. Your Self is always evolving and so expresses itself in many different ways. if its composition that you want to get go at, just write alot. even you if you end up hating it you can still figure out what you dislike about what you've written and then avoid it. it seems like you are aware that you aren't expressing yourself but you just don't know how to open up the lines of communication between your instrument, your conscious and your self. as you said, just go for it. some days you will find something you like. write it down. some days you will play something you don't like. figure out why you don't like it. this liking/disliking of things is your self communicating with you. document it, listen to it, and you'll become more satisfied.
All good points thanks but i know plenty of music theory, the problem is more that nothing is coming to my head.

I didn't mention this but my dad became very sick last year causing us to move houses and ever since then i haven't really been myself. He ended up dying late last year and long story short, i went into denial and am only just starting to come out of it now, so at the moment i'm in a pretty big depression. Its not that i cant feel my guitar playing, i can't feel anything. So im also thinking that this just might be a small part of the bigger picture. BUt this is really cutting me more than anything else.
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Because 14 yr olds + teh internetz = liez

I made that up in math class.

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Michael Romeo- You think he plays fast? You should watch him eat cream pies.
i'm sorry to hear that hawker. i think that given what you have said it's definitely absolutely nothing to do with your guitar playing abilities or creativity. i don't know if its not my place to say, but maybe write a song about your father, describe everything that you do (or don't) feel at the moment.

again, i'm sorry to hear that man.