i need some extremely easy songs to play im talking easier than blink 182 and green day

I could only play iron man I cant play the solo though

and i could play electric funeral but the song is so easy

i cant play three string chords
help please

Super Easy Songs PLease


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weezer? you don't have to play all three strings in power chords, you can just do the first two
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seven nation army
smoke on the water

and wake me up when september comes will do it^^
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polly, in bloom, etc any thing by nirvana is easy and you dont have to use 3 fingers you can use two,

polly in particular really helped me with moving power chords around
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thats what i do, heres what i can play
but some of them are piss easy
especially living dead girl its like 2 chords thoughout the entire song and is catchy

1. Black Sabbath- crazy train
2. Jimi Hendrix– voodoo child
3. I’m a real American
4. Slayer- south of heaven
5. Scorpions-Rock you like a hurricane
6. Theme – A-team (FULL SONG)
7. Dragon force – Through fire and flames
8. Marilyn Manson – The beautiful people (FULL SONG)
9. Rob zombie – Living dead girl (FULL SONG)
10. Dueling banjos (FULL SONG)
11. Fear of the dark – Iron maiden
12. Led zeppelin – tangerine
13. Deep purple – Smoke on the water
14. Alice cooper – School’s out
15. The tasty finish (FULL SONG)
16. Marilyn Manson – Sweet dreams
17. Theme – Star wars (FULL SONG)
18. Rolling stones – Paint it black
19. MCR – Welcome to the black parade
20. Guns n roses – Welcome to the jungle
21. Guns n roses – Knocking on heavens door
22. Cream – Sunshine of your love (FULL SONG)
23. Guns n roses – Live and let die
24. Survivor – Eye of the tiger
25. HIM - wings of a butterfly
26. Nirvana – Smells like teen spirit
27. Ozzy Osborne + Black Sabbath – Iron man (FHALF WAY THROUGH)
28. Black Sabbath – Paranoid
29. Tenacious D- the metal
30. McDonalds theme – I’m loving it (FULL SONG)

learn the ones that say full song as they are the full song
lol there piss easy
the rest are just parts of the songs but im getting there...
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learn other side by red hot chilli peppers.

Californication is pretty easy too.

AC/DC use the same 4 chords over and over so you could probably learn some of their songs easily. I'd suggest learning TNT, Back In Black, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, anything really. The main riffs are all usually simple and sound good (in my opinion they sound good).
Marilyn Manson - Sweet Dreams


For the power chords you can play them as 2 string rather then 3 string chords, they sound better that way anyway. Even the main solo in this one is really easy. This is the first song I've learned all the way though (I've only been playing about a month). It sounds much more complicated then it actually is.

Plus, if you can play the main riff from this you can play the main riff to Crazy Train
A lot of Johnny Cash songs are REALLY easy to play. For example learn "I Still Miss Someone".

Chord Progression for the verses





And the chorus is just - D E A

Might not sound completely right on an electric but just put a little cowboy stutter-step strum on it and thats all. Doesnt get any easier.
How about this. The song you are having trouble learning you practice tediously until you get it right. If it is only slightly out of your range then you will get it in only a short while. If you continually go for the things that you have no problem doing then you wont really improve.

I'm not suggesting going all out in a solo but am suggesting those things you can't do, like playing three strings or more, practice.

If you are talking about you are having trouble playing power chords


Then try barring it if you are not. Other words for the note on the 'E' string use your index finger and for the other two notes two frets higher use your ring finger or even your pinky.

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I'm not suggesting going all out in a solo but am suggesting those things you can't do, like playing three strings or more, practice.

I'd like to echo this. I've only been playing for just over a month myself and i'm having lessons. Seriously, don't just go for things you can already do...i've been learning 'Queens of the Stone Age - Go With The Flow' as my first song. There's some tricky techniques in it and stuff and lots of chord changes...but i've just kept doing it and doing it. I can now play the song through and i'm now working on the solo bits and getting them to sound cleaner.

Even if you just sit there and get the chord shape on the neck and then practice switching to another chord from that chord without even strumming. Just keep repeating that...it may be boring, but repetition works.