Ok well this year is my year where ive decided to put almost all of my money towards my new rig.

Im planning on getting that 30 W roland cube as my main practice amp, but I go out of town alot and I prefer my electric to my accoustic.

SO I thought I would just get a micro amp. Whats a really good cheap micro amp that has OD or distortion.

I was thinking the roland micro cube but I wasnt sure if there was something that was cheaper that was pretty good. It would help a bunch if you posted one thats cheaper than the micro cube and yet pretty good.

Thanks in advance!

I used to own a Danelectro honeytone and was actually pretty surprised at the sound quality, you could get vintage tube tones out of it or even all the way up to metal. Best little amp on the market i think..
i have a Micro Cube and its actually really nice.
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The microcube is awesome, but if you want real portability, check out the Korg Pandora PX4. It's a modeler, trainer and drum machine.
I picked one up used for $70. I fly a lot for work and I carry it in my Traveler Speedster case.

If you are looking for something portable and are willing to use headphones, you could check out the Vox Amplugs or the Line 6 pocket pod.
stick with the micro cube or if you want to spend 15$ more, the vox da5 is much better.