I didn't see it on TV becouse it was aired on a channel i had to pay for.
Are we talking foreign only?
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I loved it, i was quite suprised how brutal it was in parts (the scene with the two prioners and the bottle made me wince a little, which dosen't happen much).

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
Did you guys notice that the camera is always moving and all the scenes transition seamlessly? Someone mentioned that to me, I would have never noticed on my own.
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Pan's Labyrinth was good, I hadn't predicted that ending which is always good for a movie - a lot of them you can always tell what will happen *coughschickflickscoughs*.

I liked the imagery for the mythical creatures like the Pale Man and the faun - like the Pale Mans eyes being in his hands etc. Also, they didn't look fake which is always a plus. (Y)
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