I'm in a band[2 bands actually], and I currently have a 15watt, and discovered a store by the name of "Daddy's Junky Music"(basically a thrift store for guitars). They have new and used guitars and equipment for sometimes incredously cheap prices (at good quality as well). And I don't know, I'm looking for a new amp with a great tone, maybe a few features and such, stuff to mess around with, yet something I could play gigs with. And I was thinking, like, could a 100 watt amp do gigs, or no? But the main question here is, What brand should I buy and how many watts should it be to play gigs?
Well, I almost wrote something about tube until I seen the bottom of your post.

Anyways, it'll all depend on how big of shows you're playing. You playing bars, school auditoriums or what? Are you able to mic your amp at any of the places you play? What kind of music are you playing?
My 40 watt SS Peavey is more then capable of stepping on a drummer. 40 watts and above should be fine.
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How much do you have, you know they have an online store. I order from there and I am about 800 miles from the nearest store

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I'm playing metal/screamo. And I'm not too sure, but we've gotten offers to play at places, we never found out really how big of crowd there was gonna be. We're like 13-14 [except for the back-up vox: he's 17] So that's totally cutting any number of places we'd play in half or more because of bars selling alchohol and **** like that.
I'm expecting to get about ehh $130-$200 to throw around on an amp and yes, I know they have an online store. But ehh, my family doesn't like giving their credit info out to any websites for anything.
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So that's totally cutting any number of places we'd play in half or more because of bars selling alchohol and **** like that.

Even if your underage you can play in bars at least here you can
Yeah, you don't need to be 21 to play a bar, atleast I'm pretty sure you don't need to be.
Anyways, go to the shop and try out some amps man. It's hard to tell you what you should and shouldn't get without you having your own input on it man. Go there with the cash, and if you find something that you think will do, just get it. About the watts, it's hard to say because I don't know who big of places you're playing, and as I said before, I'm not sure if they allow you to mic your amp or not. One of my friends has a 40 watt amp that he uses for his band, but it JUST does it, so I'd probably try getting something around 50 watts to be safe.
try to get an amp with AT LEAST 40w. 75w goes right over a drummer, but for solid state, the sound breaks up quickly that high. Thats why tube amps are better. but yeah, try to look for 75w, 100w,120, or 150w SS. you can defiantly get way over a drummer with that
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