I play mainly with a Gibson Les Paul Studio, through a line six spider 3, and all though I can get a not bad sound, because I play through headphones it's not as good as it could be.

Sometimes there just seems to be too much string noise, and it's not because I'm not muting strings I'm not playing because I am, it seems the muted strings makes way too much sound because it's being played through headphones.

So what can I do? The headphones are far from the best, but what can I do to get a more of a "amp" sound. Better headphones? Anything else that can help?

headphone amp. try Vox amplug or a multi-effects like a cheap Zoom.

EDIT : you can hook a headphone to a multieffects pedal. the amplug is good too.
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lmao, i blow up all my headphones when i plug them in! lol
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