Hey, I just wrote this song and i was wondering if anybody could think of a good name for it.

I have always been told that
You never judge a book by its cover
Faces plain as they seem
addin some spice from the dirt filthy pages

But i am a suitor
I ain't no cheater
I keep my friends and that is that
What can i say to
my friendly accompliss
with a statement i can't navigate

who knows where we're goin
for a second my life is on hold
she's always been a friend
why should i change this now

maybe perhaps i'm
goin the wrong way
maybe its love from a friend

but i'll still doubt it
judging the look in
the eyes of a friend
in love? i'd rather die

I'm already checked out
my book is sold out
but i still don't know what to say

So then i hug her
say that i love her
is this her evil way

Now i am charged with
so many late fees
but yet i guess it pays
to be in love with
too many chapters
i will have to part ways
too bad i'm stuck with
the plainest of covers
all is friends
all we should have stayed

soon as the sun sets
she's in my arms and

i pull back her hair
give a playful stare

the kiss that i lend
says i love you as a friend

Dang man! I loved it.. I really liked the personification you gave the book in where you kinda portrayed the book as "her". I really liked it though....I cant really think of a name off the top of my head....sorreh But keep up the good work!
i like it, but i'm still stumped for a title, i'll letcha know if i ever think of anything.
Well, Idk if it will fit the song but:

Paperback Romance

Good song tho. Really enjoy it.

Mines Aim For War

[Whoops, sry for the double post ]