These are just some quick small lyrics I came up with..Id love some feedback, and tell me if it sounds like something already written
first one:
"Night Rider, Soul Fighter, somethings watching in the dead of night!"
"Night Fighter, Sky Glider, somethings Stalking in the dead of night!"
These were inspired from these sorta weird happenings me and (strangely) four TOTALLY different friends saw...on TOTALLY different occasions...a motorcycle rider at like 12 o clock at night that seems to stalk us...that inspired me a little...and before or after we'd see or hear this LOUD motorcycle at late ass times, we'd seem some freaky as hell PINK lightning..not kidding people PINK..and it never stormed...well thats just a lil' background on that...
Second one:
"Snoring, Breathing, Hardly Sleeping...."
Just a little line I came up with, ironically, when I couldnt fall asleep..yeah i kinda like it but...Id still like too hear your opinions