Just a couple of songs I've recorded. One of them's in my profile. but I couldn't be bothered to re-encode the other so I've just uploaded it MU. I'm sure you can guess my influences if you're into this kind of thing.

Excuse the poor recording quality. My built in mic & copy of Audacity aren't particularly conducive to high level production

Any feedback'd be much appreciated.
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So I'll crit as I'm listening.

I Feel Unusual ~ The guitar work is amazing. I don't care much for the bass towards the beginning, but that's just me. It seems a bit too loud. I like how the two guitars blend well together. That definitely caught my attention. I like how it slows down at 1:10. It was a little abrupt, but I like it. The build up is really good from 1:30 to 1:50. And I absolutely love the distorted guitar that comes in at 2:00. And you capped it off with a nice finish. Overall, I genuinely loved this one. All it needs is some vocals and you've got a great song on your hands. But without vocals it's still an awesome piece of work.

Standing On The Oceanbed Staring At The Stars ~ I like how this one starts out too. It's quite similar to the first song, but I actually like it a little more. You like to use this loud to quiet and then back to loud dynamic in your songs and it works well. I love the lead guitar that comes in around 2:15. My only bad comment is that it ends abruptly. Other than that, this song is ace. Post more when you can. I'd love to hear more.

Hey, thanks for the crit man.

I'm listening to the one in your profile right now.

It's really pleasant. Really, the quality isn't half bad, especially for a built in mic. I like how it gets quiet and builds up. I love the mix of acousitic and electric guitars. The electric isn't too heavy or anything, it complements the acoustic very well. Quite honestly, I think this is very good. I love instrumental stuff, and I didn't find this boring at all. It flowed very nicely, and I liked the ending a lot. I listened to it a couple times actually.

Very nice, keep it up.

PS: You say you use Audacity. I'd give Reaper a try. It's pretty much free; after a certain period it suggests that you pay for the full edition, but it doens't require you to. I used Audacity first, and then I switched to Reaper. It's great; I'd suggest you give it a try.
Cheers for the comments guys. I love making this kind of music, but I find it an absolute bastard to write. The ideas for I Feel Unusual... have been kicking around for about 4 months before I managed to actually do something with them, so it's nice when it's appreciated

With regards to the bass comment, I should point out that...there's no bass in this song That's just part of the guitar riff.

The comments about the similarity of the two is....very justified I'm fully aware of that myself & it annoys me slightly. I try not to be quite so formulaic as that but meh, it happens.

Reaper eh? Definitely have a looksee into that. Cheers.
Coxy...sorry for the WAY delayed response, but here it is anyways:

I Feel Unusual:
Crit as I listen- Guitar is f*cking beautiful. I feel like im in heaven, and this is what is playing. It reminds me of a Muse song, Falling Away with you. I really like how this song is picking up. I want this on my iPod.