What chords should i practice. I have a Chord chart in my room do i need to practice every single one of them or just the Major and Minor chords.
Just start with the simples like A B C D E F G and switching between them and then move on the minors.
Chords and scales are closely interrelated. Every chord in a particular key is made by selecting the correct notes of that key's Major scale (some with minor alterations).

If you know your Major scale patterns, all 7 of them, you should be able to form any chord anywhere on the fretboard without having memorized all of those chord diagrams hanging on your wall. There's a simple set of formulas that allow you to do this. Check out these links:

www.reallylearnguitar.com/majscalestutorial.htm and learn the scale notes by their scale degree (the number of the note in the scale).

www.reallylearnguitar.com/chordformulas.htm and learn the simple formulas. NO MORE MEMORIZING CHORD DIAGRAMS!

www.reallylearnguitar.com/triadstutorial.htm and learn all the triads (3-note chords).

www.reallylearnguitar.com/7thchords1tutorial.htm and www.reallylearnguitar.com/7thchords2tutorial.htm and learn about 7th chords (4-note chords).

And finally www.reallylearnguitar.com/survivaltutorial.htm and learn all the chord forms that will get you through a jam session, no matter what.

Learn these few simple things and you'll be teaching everyone else. Good luck!
Jam On!
Practice all of them. If some are hard, spend maybe 10 minutes switching from it to other chords.
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