hah, yea right. i went to 7-11, made a 32 oz slurpee and i was like alright this is free right? the guy says no and points to the smallest cup i have ever seen and said, those are the free ones. so i just left what i had made got a small cup and left very displeased.

**** you 7 11.
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Yup, Free Slurpee Day is a complete ripoff.

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I miss having 7-11 in my town, my old town had one a couple blocks away from my house and i would walk down and get free (because I stole them ) slurpees.
yeah but you can come back and get as many as you want...
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In all fairness, few things at 7/11 rise above the $3 mark.
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it's always been like that

That's not true, they used to sell everything for either 7 or 11 cents on 7/11 when I was a lad. Last year they were out of the mini-cups so I got a free small slurpee

Oh, and I'm definitely buying a huge slurpee after work today now that you mentioned it.
Wait, this is today?

I have to get me a slurpee. I want one so bad, I haven't had one in so long.

I'll just pay for a bigger size I guess.
I ran to the 7-11 near my house with the rest of my XC team.
The cups were small, but they let us have unlimited refills, which was cool.
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**** you. now i want a slurpee and its 3am :-(

i might have to get one tomorrow i haven't had one of those slurpee's in like 2 years, and now im craving hahaha. yeeww
Just go to walmart and get something from the bakery. Then you can walk around and eat it without having to pay for it
haha TS i did that last year i got the same feeling you did

anyhoo me and a couple other people are plannign our pillage of our local 7/11s to get as many slurpees today as possible

it wil be epic
I don't like Slurpees. Besides I try to keep my sugar consumption low, and that shit ain't gonna help.
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i work at a gas station and we have a slurpee machine which makes me infinately happy (yes i take them all day while i'm working)
I miss 7/11. I used to live within half a mile of one and went there everyday and got a Slurpee. Now I only get them at my grandfather's house.

I remember they had a free doughnut day one year, everyone in my family got like 5 each.

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wtf's a slurpee?

The semi-frozen blood of Christ.
I love a slush on a hot day, but I try to avoid them since they're so jam packed with sugar.

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A cold flavoured crushed ice drink

basically a slush puppy?