So, i recently bough a headset for my amp so i could play quietly at nights and at holidays, as soon i plugged them in to my amp and started playing i noticed that the tone and sound quality are alot better when using headphones than without
maybe its because i dont have such a good amp? my amp is a roland micro cube and my guitar is an ibanez RGR321 EXBK
Is the sound quality always better with headphones or does it depend on the amp?
Guitar: Ibanez RGR321 EXBK

Amp: Bugera 6260 head + 4x12 cab
I wouldn't say it was always better, maybe just with that amp.
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My sound suxs through headphones

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It depeneds on the quality of your headphones vs. the quality of your speaker. For example, my computer sounds better through other speakers or headphones than playing through its own, but if I plugged some crappy earphones into my amp, it would sound bad.

I'm not trying to say my amp is GOOD, of course