as you may have read in my earlier thread, im trying to dual boot XP Executive with MicroXP and i already have Executive on the machine.... and i already downloaded MicroXP...

the file that downloaded was this:

MicroXP_CLEAN_28 a83486_29.iso

how do i burn this file to a CD to get it to be able to boot and setup Micro XP?

i already tried simply putting it onto a writeable (using windows explorer) and writing that way, it didnt work... but it DID, however, TRY to boot. it said that it had an error for some reason (i dont recall what it was) but it said basically it couldnt boot because i had recent hardware or software changes (aka, the disk in the drive) then it booted to my harddrive as it normally would.

tl:dr - how do i burn MicroXP_CLEAN_28 a83486_29.iso to a disk so that i will be able to boot and setup from said disk?
Nero, burn as an image.
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