Family Structure

A starry night speaks out in wonder
Like philosophers they huddle and gather
To conceieve rules that we'll live under.
To waste away discovering ends to meet means
Is nor to live or die part of a tragedy
But it accepts this life as just a banality.

Today the sun rose
Without witness
Yesterday it sunk
Struck with sickness

Families sleeping tonight in blankets of hereditary psychology
Bleeding guilty to any ties we forge freely and lovingly
The family tree still sways in its natural rhymeless conjecture
Sons and daughters are drowning tonight in torrents of lectures.
I'm telling you you're guilty son just agree with me
Or you can succumb to these awkward silences forever
I'm telling you to think about your wrongs in isolation
You may as well succumb to this patronising humiliation
This is an example of parental device so son I'll give you some advice
If you don't play the dog you will pay the price.
For what this is the oppressive side of family
With pseudo-choices to make
As you can imagine you're on the losing end everytime
It's a psychological game
So don't step over the line.
(Whatever the line is).
An attempt to undress this hidden home curricular
Of this family you were conceived into
Complete with your emotional and obedient consent
Will only result in a bipolar disorder.
(Or it will be tarred under selfishness).

You see in the end the wage bearer has the jurisdiction
To exercise authority whenever they damn well please
Sometimes family ties are not exactly what they seem
Teaching kids to be content with incessant control techniques.
I'm aware of the catch 22 standing in our stead
But how many adults are aware of how profusely
This unrestrained abundance of authority
Affects the positive image a child's upbringing should be.

So unleash your sustained control over me
So I can repay my superfluous debt eternally.