i have just recently began learning all kinds of arpeggio sweeps and stuff of that nature also reading alot about guitar scalloping. i was just wondering exactly how someone would scallop the neck of their guitar would you just use sandpaper our would you have to carve it out with some sort of carpentry tool, i have an old fender sqiuer which leads me to my next question does the quality of the guitar matter when it comes to scallops im sure it helps but i wanted to try doing it on a cheap guitar before i did it to my very expensive ibanez any answers would be appreciated
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You do use sandpaper, although it takes a lot of time. There's tutorials out there.

EDIT: http://www.projectguitar.com/tut/scal1.htm


MEGAEDIT!!!: I wouldn't really send it to a luthier to do this, it costs tons. If you want to practise, buy a cheap supermarket guitar and practise on that, it would be a hell of a lot cheaper. And gives you practise.
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Some people I've heard do it with a dremel or similar but I personally would probably have a qualified luthier do it rather than risk it myself.
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sending out a squire neck would cost more than the whole guitar.

i suggest, that if you feel you really want it, then just scallop some frets.
also if you can find try out a scallopped guitar first, that might be helpful. it's not an easy way to play.

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