I remember i was listening to alot of Santana at the time. And i was reading the CD booklet and it said that the drummer Michael Shrieve was influenced by John Coltrane, especially "A Love Supreme".

I wasnt really into strait jazz at the time, i always listened to jazz-rock fusion: Frank Zappa, Jeff Beck, Santana. So i went to the CD store and i found A Love Supreme for 12 bucks!!! definately bought it, and loved it since!
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Didn't buy it but found it in my dad's CD collection.
Miles Davis-Kind of Blue
defintely an aquired taste for me.
For me it was a Django Reinhardt compilation (on record). I remember reading an interview in GP with Eddie Van Halen and he said that his influences were Django, Holdsworth and Hendrix. I couldn't find any Holdsworth at that time (the internet didn't exist to the masses yet and there were no CD's), I already had a bunch of Hendrix stuff so I went to Tower Records and picked up Django and my love for jazz started.

Oh and +1000 for any Zappa fans....
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Miles Davis - Kind of Blue

Yup that's the ultimate.
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A Miles Davis compilation album. Nothing from kind of blue, but some songs from Birth of the cool (the compilation opened with Jeru, which is the first Miles Davis tune I fell in love with), a bit of his work with Charlie Parker, the quintets, Sonny Rollins...
But I heard a lot of Frank Sinatra, vocal jazz, before that.
a ladies of jazz compilation and a best of nat king cole album.
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Jaco Pastorius' s/t and a best of Weather Report. I just remember thinking how can anybody like this stuff when I first lsitened to it. But back then I was an uneducated heathen with no musical taste.
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