Hey. i'm going to build a mini-amp circuit from the the book "electronics projects for musicians".
i'm wondering, is there any place i can order a custom made pcb? uk, or Mainland because i don't want to pay horrendous shipping charges. so you guys know any places?

I went and bought a kit with some blank PCBs, the etchant, etc in it. The digram you just draw with a black permanant marker included in the kit.
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Permanent marker? *confuddled look* was the marker like special?

The marker isn't usually special - I've subbed a sharpie before, you just need to make sure you use plenty of ink. The idea is the portion of the board not exposed to the etchant will leave copper 'tracks' of the board.

Or if you can find press and peel blue - you could do it like this.
The circuit is probably really simple, so why not just use a perforated board?

As far as etching your own pcb, you use the marker to obscure the copper from the chemical solution. The solution eats away at any pieces of copper that are exposed. So a permanent marker or a Sharpie would work.