Okay, i recently joined my best friends band as a replacement guitarist

I have to get a bigger amp (100w or more)

A peavey bandit is the best sounding amp i have ever heard, on all channels, but i need to now where i can find one for a decently low price.

+I kinda want to steer away from Ebay.

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why do you need 100 watts or more.

the 112 is 80w which is a ton as it is.

i personally didn't care for the Transtube line.

what is you total budget? I take it you are gigging? What style of music? Blah bla blah? Can you go used? - as there prolly better amps out there if so.
If your budget is higher you can do better. What is your budget and style? I have the amp and it's great at the price I got it for ($100 used) and damned loud. But you could do better.
Used is fine with me, we play everything from classic rock to metal. (for example, one mintue were playing tom Petty, the next, avenged sevenfold.)

yes were are taking it gigging.

Im trying not to go over 2-300$
You could probably get a used Peavey Valveking or B-52 AT-112 for that price look on eBay. Or if someone has a cab you can borrow I'm sure you could find a Peavey Ultra head for that price.
Do you have a total budget? $300
Can you buy used - like off Craigslist? Check that if in States and tell us what you find.
How often do you play AX7 or heavier?

VK ain't bad - but needs breaking in, time to tweak, possible upgrades later. My guess is that for most people playing it the first time in a store it sounds like crap. Mine is actually starting to sound pretty good.
well, We play only a couple of A7X songs (Beast and the Harlot, Chapter Four, Unholy Confessions)

But we play Metallica, Slayer, some Pantera, and the rest is the good old stuff like "Mustang Sally", "Free Fallin", and those songs.