I have a friend who is trying to learn guitar.
his problem is he has no sense of rythym!!!
he can't feel a beat!!!
i was pretty much born with it. i never had i taught to me becasue i never need to be taught. becasue of this i have no idea how to teach him.
Any ideas?
get him to listen to music with a strong beat, and make him clap his hands, stomp his foot to it, to build up some rythym

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I think the TS will know what to do next

What's rhythym?

But yeah, force him to actually listen to the drums in songs...

*edit* I haven't got any rhythym, got rhythm though. If you find it, can I has?
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Guitar Hero! With enough practice at that he'll be fine in no time.


wow that game could serve a purpose to guitar learning!
some people will never have rhythm, it's sad.
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try rock band or guitar hero,
i am seirious.

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Make him listen to acoustic artists from the 70's
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