Hi Guys! I've been using the Guitar Pro 5 for 5 months. But now, it got the problem. The metronome is suddenly muted. No matter how I try in preference or sound. I still can't hear the metronome. Even though I reinstalled it, I still got the problem. Can anyone have the solution for me? Thanks
yeah i had the same problem all u have to do is if u are using windows is go to the bottom right hand corner of the screen on the toolbar and look for a picture of a speaker click on that and then look for the SW Synth volume control and put it as full and thats it

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yeah make sure your sw synth is up, but if it wasnt everything would be quiet. you sure you didnt just turn it off?
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Both replies are valid. It happens, just go to volume control>options, or something like that, and turn the SW synth up. Media player can sometimes mute it for some reason that's beyond me
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