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im bored , so im, when iwas a little kid i had some learning dissabilties, ADHD, no body knew what that was when i was 12 years old. i didnt have alot of friends but i had plenty of time. the kids up the street had a garage band and i was totaly facinated by the electric guitar, a cherry red 68 gibby sg. the kid playing it was pretty good . but they didnt want some little hyper active unpopular kid hanging around . the guitar player promised that if i would go away, he would give me an old beater sears guitar and show me a barre chord. the rest is history, i learned to play over the years and like a drug, i have to play. i now have tons of stress, and high blood pressure, (comes w/ raising teenagers ) and my playing guitar is acually part of my RX, therapy. it acually (sp) lowers my blood pressure by i guess releasing endorphins blablablabh. anyway, i love it, i need it, cant live with out it, ...its the other woman in my life. thats why i play.
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It works out my right hand good, all the better for t3h fapping
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Cos I tried guitar lessons wen I was about ten, my teacher forced me to play left handed because I write with my left hand (but do everything else right handed) so anturally I sucked and could never be bothered to practise.

So then after trying to learn Clarinet and sucking awfully bad I decided to trade it in for a right handed B+W encore strat which felt like it was made of plastic and 5 years later I'm still practising, if someone was actually teaching me guitar again then they'd be chuffed I'm sure.

I still suck though, but hell, it's fun.
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Because of the feeling you get when you perfectly nail that amped up Albert King style down-run you've heard all your favorite guitarists play some variation of.

That's the idea anyway.
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a friends brother had an electric guitar that i got to play one day when his brother wasnt home. loved the sound of it, havent looked back

now its a drug for me and its better than any drug
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Because it beats masturbation.

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I play (er, I'm learning to play) because:
  • It's a pleasant escape from life's trials
  • I appreciate music
  • it's another cool hobby to spend money on
  • it's on my Bucket List.
because when everything else in your life gets worse, you can only get better at guitar
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I have always loved guitars as an object and the sounds that they produce, you cant beat a well placed screaming solo and so I want to learn how to recreate the sounds of my heroes and then maybe learn enough to create my own sounds.
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because when everything else in your life gets worse, you can only get better at guitar

Uless you lose you limbs
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its fun and u can never get worse at it if u practice. also it takes ur mind off other things
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Because I love music in all it's forms. And I love expressing emotions through music.
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I played several instruments & sang in choirs as a kid, but then let music drop in my late teens: I quit going to church (where I played music), and was really turned off by the empty, cliquish and narcissistic behaviour I saw in the local music scene. So I turned my interest to other things.

In my 30s, I realized that my primary interests (public policy, philosophy and jujutsu) were stand-offish and rather anti-social -- I was certainly no fun at parties, etc. So I picked up a guitar a couple of years ago. I'm enjoying my re-introduction to studying music, and use it to connect better to others and myself.

Most importantly, it is fun!
its a nice discipline.
Buying them, adoring them, playing them, talking about them and changing them.
Its almost like have a relationship with something, let alone styles, tones, progression etc...

Its endless. But my main reason i Love music so much and guitar is my way of my own mind making music lol.
played a little in early 70's.
Got bored playing video games. A poor strat copy followed my kid home from college, I picked it up and realized it was more fun than fps. Then I bought my own.
plus it drives my old lady crazy .
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Iam (learning - Playing) because I want to express myself through music where sometimes I can't express through words how I feel about guitar music, I thought I'd play it!


Its fun

Takes my mind off things

And its a good hobby (HOPING to take it further)
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I started playing cause my dad would always play cool blues-ey stuff on his acoustic when I was little, and I thought it was really cool.

But nowadays, I'm actually teaching him some stuff. :p
Music is something everyone can understand in some capacity. I figured I'd get in on some of the action.
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1. I sucked at Drums.
2. Because i thought the whole idea of making music from something made out of wood w/ strings was badass.
3. After going to tons of concerts, i realized that i might have a very very slim chance of playing on that same stage on day.
I play because one time when I was young I listened to carlos santana, and i was like DAYUM GIRLFRIEND, I wanna be like that. So I picked it up and stated playing. Now that im older I love the feeling you get when you're high, and you play a sweet song, i get chills.
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Pretty much listening to other musicians. I already played music it was just another one.
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This reminded me of the Bob Dylan documentary No Direction Home when they showed a clip from the 60's where some British journalist asks Bob, "Why do you sing?" and he says in an annoyed and bored voice, "Because I feel like singing." at about a minute twenty six. But to answer your question I saw Hendrix play the national anthem at the end of the movie Woodstock and I was like I WANNA DO THAT!!!
Because I have very large hands and I thought it'd be the only instrument where I could utilize them.
I started out when I saw how girls loved guys who play guitar. Since I've gotten into metal though the only girls who might be attracted by my playing are difficult to tell apart from the dudes.

Now I play because:
It's an escape
It's music (which is one of the only things humanity hasn't been able to f*** up)
I play because it is my passion.
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Well I started playing because I envied my dads ability to play.
But As I got older and more experienced, I realized I wanted to be a professional musician.
Not for any fame or fortune.. Just to do what I absolutely love..
I'm on my way to living my dream, but there's a lot of commitment and time to go.

I reason I play now is for other certain people almost more than myself.
I still have that dream, but I still want to reach out to a certain person with my music.
And that's what inspires me.
"If you find your truth, follow it. People may say, "What the heck are you doing?" But it's OK if they don't get it. If you follow it, stay true to it, and respect it, you may be in store for the greatest journey you could ever imagine." - Buckethead
My dad's friend at work would bring his Strat and play (no amp), and then he got one, and I liked playing with it, and I took it and learned. I CONTINUE to play because I absolutely love the music I listen to, and want to play it...playing one of your favorite songs is the best feeling ever.
This ends now, eat the goddamn beans!
My dad brought home an Epi LP one day and played one A power chord, and its been my life ever since.
I don't know.

Furthermore I don't know why I continue to play.

It's just a force of habit I suppose.

I'd probably be out raping horses for a living if I didn't.

So the horses are probably grateful.

Maybe the horse headed god of music cast a curse(blessing?) on me.

Either that or I do it for cock.
I play becouse it's fun to play. I just enjoy it. That's pretty much it.
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I play because its fun and i like to put on a show, and also to hopefully play in a band one day...
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i fell in love with the raw power coming out of the instrument. before playing guitar i was playing violin but after a while i thought that was pretty gay and so i decided to start playing an old beat up acustic guitar that was laying around the house. then a friend that quit playing gave me his electric and i never stopped playing since. i luv playing cus it takes ur mind off of things and time really starts to fly when i jam. i also play cus i like to creat my own pieces. the greatest satisfaction is playing in a band. i luv how all the different sounds mix together and creat music
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