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what was your favorite live show you've ever been to. Mine was a screamo show at a local high school and the last band of the night was a band called Maylene and the Sons of Disaster. it was freaking sweet. We were all crowd surfing, people were getting arrested, and there were like 12 fights in the pit. i cant wait to see them again. check'um out at their website(Invalid img)
maylene played at a highschool? ****in awesome.

my favorite show was killswitch engage when they were headlining the tour with dragonforce, chimaira, and he is legend.
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Jethro Tull was breath-taking.
But Three and Opeth take the cake.
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I only go to gigs of my local bands, but I'm going to see DragonForce in September.

Any negative comments, keep to yourself please.
Mindless Self Indulgence are amazing live. After that it's probably Reuben and Muse. I imagine seeing Prince live would be pretty awesome. I'll let you know if I ever get a chance
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I saw The Who live.

It was great, but it was right before we realized that Daltrey was suffering from bronchitis. Which explains why they didn't preform any Quadrophenia, specifically, Love Reign O'er Me.
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They may not play perfectly live, but i can assure you the enjoyment of a Dragonforce gig is more than enough to make up for it. they are very good showmen
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Less Than Jake, Deftones, Iron Maiden, Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, Tool, Wildhearts, My Vitriol, Stiff Little Fingers.

Put on the best shows I've been to.
I would have to say the Van Halen reunion in was mine. Great to see an actual guitarist back on the scene.
valient thorr.
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Dream Theater and Symphony X (One gig)

or Paul Gilbert


36 Crazyfists at a small local venue. Absolutely awesome, them or Reel Big Fish cuz the support act, Streetlight Manifesto, were fantastic.
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valient thorr.

This when they played with the Riverboat Gamblers and Gogol Bordello.

That or Manchester Orchestra, Biffy Clyro, and Say Anything.

M.O. and Biffy blew away the band they were opening for; it was golden.
Rush's performances are inspiring.
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The only one I've ever been to. =/

Evile (not bad), Job For A Cowboy (Strangely enough, the singer pronounced it JAGHWGHEGEHGHG FARGGGGGHHH AAAAAAA CARRGGGGGGHHHHHBARRRRRRRRGHHHHHH!), who were ****e, and Megadeth (awesome!)
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children of bodom + in flames + megadeth

gigantour ftw

That sounds fuckin' awesome.
Oingo Boingo Farewell at the Universal Amphitheater.

Iron Maiden at Long Beach Arena (the spectacular World Slavery Tour).

The second day at the US Festival (Quiet Riot, Motley Crue, Judas Priest, Ozzy Osbourne, Triumph, The Scorpions & Van Halen )

Yeah baby!!!!

Edit: o0ooo I forgot one. The Clash, Metallica & The Who at the LA Coliseum...
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They may not play perfectly live, but i can assure you the enjoyment of a Dragonforce gig is more than enough to make up for it. they are very good showmen

Yea the band itself is okay, but i just think they could practise their live performance a little bit more.
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They may not play perfectly live, but i can assure you the enjoyment of a Dragonforce gig is more than enough to make up for it. they are very good showmen


When I saw them they were accurate playing wise, but put on a quality show. trivium were up afterwards and they were pants in comparison.

For the thread I'm gunna have to say Led Zep at the o2.
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May 28th. 2008.

Between the Buried and Me.
Dream Theater.

Was BLOWN AWAY by 3. I love their new album, and their live show is just astounding.

BTBAM was insane, as well. Great show.

Opeth owned my night. I wonder why......

And, since I don't know a lot about DT, I wasn't nearly as enthused. They put on a good show, and I loved all the songs they played, but I never had that since of being "in tune" with the show, since I had only heard one or two of the songs before I left.
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Tera Melos, The Fall Of Troy, Foxy Shazam, Fear Before The March Of Flames or Valient Thorr.
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I saw the Who a little while back (I think in 2006) and that was a great show. I believe it must have been before or after Daltrey's bronchitis. I'm going to see Radiohead in August and I think that'll be spectacular.
Steel Train on their last Headlining tour at the House of Blues in Dallas. Ace Enders and Socratic opened. It was amazing, I've seen Steel Train twice and their energy is unmatched by any other band they tour with. Never a disappointment.

I also saw St. Vincent at Hailey's in Denton Texas, Annie had her whole band there and it was a crazy show.

Both these shows had like 45 people there tops, maybe thats why they were so special.
The best show I've been to is the Living End back in 2006. If you have an opportunity, see them. It'll probably be life-changing.
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MMMMMmMmmmmmm..................gotta say Iron Maiden......and Anthrax opened for them at the show too.

Was teh Somewhere Back In Time Tour.
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Alexisonfire with Comeback Kid supporting.

Two gigantic circle pits, plus both George and Andrew were in the crowd for a hell of a lot of the set.

Especially good since it was a tiny venue, only bout 200 capacity, and there was a giant disco ball hanging from the ceiling .
Saw Deftones in 06 at a small gig (1000 ppl) Waited outside for 4 hours, saw the band across the street going into a diner (but I was too shy and nervouse to approach them . Later before the show Chino walked right passed me. My dad and I were first in line, and got a front row spot. They were absolutly amazing.

Saw G Love and Special Sauce at the same place a year earlier, they were also incredible.

Saw Family Force Five at a local church show. They are surprisingly awesome on stage. Constantly breakdancing, throwing their instruments into the air to dance, starting a break dance pit. The drummer stood on his forhead doing a break dance move on his snare drum.

Recently saw Coheed And Cambria with Linkin park at Arco Arena in Sacremento. Co and Ca were mindblowing. And Linkin Park put on a great show also. (Please no negative Nu-metal comments or stuff like that)

Those are the best I've seen.
Madina Lake was a really good show both times i've seen them. The Bled
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Call me sad, but Bon Jovi live are fucking amazing.

What's sad about that?

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Rush's performances are inspiring.

They are on my to see list!
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