A song i wrote
will have a recording soon

Is this another day where I’m waiting for something to change
Is this another life that’s just going to fade and drift away
We’re all getting used to the normal swing of things
I’m not going to wait and die like this
(build with palm mute)
Cause you know we don’t have much time
We gotta use what we got
Growing old and weary is not my plan
Lets scream till we can hear again
And I know that we’re waiting, waiting for something different than this
What’s the point, if we’re sitting here,
sitting here in our rooms curled tight
In our rooms curled tight tonight
(more upbeat)
Is there a problem
To smile when we‘re down(no breaks)
Is there a problem when we’re laughing together
I think we’ve grown far too passive
And fear to show who we really are
Lets get up and move and maybe act like fools
I hate the thought that fun only comes with trouble
And it’s getting hard to see them stumble and fail
(build with palm mute)
I’m scared that we won’t find each other
I’m scared that we’re falling away
I’d rather die than live life in a comfortable lie
I fear we’ll forget who we used to be
And never grow from what we learned
I’ve walked a million miles down these roads
And seen a thousand faces crash and burn
I see all the problems never changing
And we’re all joining to fail the same way
If we just took the time to listen
Maybe then, all of this would end.
(chord breakdown)
(soft pre-chorus)
What are they gunna be
It shouldn’t matter to us
Lets just try and love them all the same
(heavy chorus, vocals higher)