Hi All,

Just wanted to share a project that I've recently finished up.

The 'Flame Guitar' is a full size, working, playable guitar that I designed and built from scratch in my spare time. This is the first time I've ever built a guitar (or any instrument for that matter). It originally started out as a sculpture for one of my university classes, and just grew from there.

It was a hell of a process to build something so complex - and me being the dumbass I am, just happened to come up with the most difficult shape possible to make a guitar (you have any idea how hard it is to sand in-between all those tiny flame grooves?! Probably should have given that a little more forethought in the early design phase).

Anyhow, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out... it even sounds pretty nice.

Some quick stats:
I designed the body design in 3ds max, Full maple body (one heavy mofo), 100% hand sanded and filed to get the contours on the sides, No access to a router or milling machine (I wish it was that easy), and custom mixed dye for the final color.

So let me know what you think! Any questions, comments, threats, dont hesitate.
Thanks for looking!

Awesome and great photographs.
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very very cool
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Very nice job, especially for a first instrument. Quick question... How's the neck attached to the guitar (Bolt-On, Bolt-In, Set, Neck-Thru, Deep Set, etc.)
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Quote by Flux'D
Very nice job, especially for a first instrument. Quick question... How's the neck attached to the guitar (Bolt-On, Bolt-In, Set, Neck-Thru, Deep Set, etc.)

well in the pics you can see it's a bolt on, one of the bottom ones.

And TS: awesome piece of work; love it
Whoops, sry lol had a brainfart. I was even looking at the neck pocket in the pictures while typing my question. *Slaps self in face*
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[thread="1166208"]Gibsons Historic Designs[/thread]
I was just wondering what you cut this shape out with? The only way I could think of is with a scroll saw, but it seems lik that would be WAY to sloppy (or maybe I just suck at it...)
Anyways this is very impressive. Good job.
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I'm usually not into 'gimmicky' guitars (like flames on everything, blood spatter on everything, etc.), but that is beautiful. Not overdone and tastefully designed, like you know it's a flame guitar, but you didn't get stupid with it. And the satin finish really sets off the design. Very nice work, man. I'd totally buy one if I could afford it.

Maybe you could make another in trans electron blue?

Those are very nice shots, too. Photographer?
That is a real nice job, I love the pictures you took while making the guitar..Brilliant!

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where did you get the know-how to do it?
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I would be worried about the flames on the horns coming off if you bashed it.

But other wise thats awesome!

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wow thts ****ing great, especially for a 1st build.

i agree with getting some quality Pickups in it, and if you did put another paint layer on it, it would look even better,

however, its still awesome as it is.

congratz man
Hey everyone! Thanks so much for the kind words, I really appreciate them.

slashrock94 - Hahaha, this one was hard enough to build, I cant imagine making another!

Van Halen Man - Yep, the body was cut out with a scroll saw. Took some finesse and patience, but It did the job ok.

Invader Jim - Thanks for the kind words. Yes I did take the photos myself. I'm actually more of a photographer than I am a guitar builder.

Renegade_Elite - No know-how, just kinda felt my way through the process. Any time I got stuck, I'd search online to help me out.

Absent Mind - I was afraid of that too at first, but the maple is VERY hard and surprisingly strong. It'd take one hell of an impact to break one of those flames.

Thanks again to everyone else.
Feel free if you've got any more questions / comments!
Woah. Never built a guitar before, and then you do THIS? You earn 2000 awesome points. It honestly looks like it could be a custom PRS or Gibson or something, like one of Gibson's Guitars of The Month. Very, very, very well done.
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absolutely stunning guitar.....you could sell those. consider it.
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its not for me, but i appreciate the effort you've put in well done mate, can you sit down and play it though?
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Hey, thanks for the kind words everyone.

Invader Jim - Yep, I'm a sucker for symmetry.

BD 425 - Thanks a ton man, Don't think I'm that good yet... but maybe one day!

epy - Hahaha, I've put so much work and so much of myself into the guitar, I dont think I'd be able to part with it for anything less than a truckload of money. I see it more as a fine art sculpture than a guitar now anyways.

rancidryan - Yep! sounds pretty sweet too.

Thanks again everyone, I really appreciate the encouragement.
That looks amazing, a true labour of love, glad it turned out great!
Dude... this is the anti-... Build me one, bitch!
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you said that was a first build? Jesus Christ! you are a bloody god at making guitars then! That turned out wonderful!
i auctly like paint the way it is, and the shape is way better than other flame guitars ive seen
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