Ok don't start bashing rap music because I've heard 1000 times what everyone here thinks about rap music/rappers (no talent, same stuff, etc). But I did want to know if anyone did have some cool songs they knew how to play on the guitar for fun? I just learned "Hypnotized" by Akon and Plies and I think the guitar part is cool. Also, "Me and My Girlfriend" by 2pac as a cool guitar part. Any ideas/songs for me?

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Public enemy's latest release has quite a bit of guitar in it you could try some of that, one of there best in recent times in my opinion.
Also there live greatest hits album was done with a full live band and is f*cking amazing.
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I guess she's pretty hot if you're into that "having a good music video, but not better than Beyonce's" kind of thing...
wat about some rage against tha machine?
sorta rap i spose....
wat about 'take the power back'...
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try "harlem streets" by immortal technique

Immortal Technique FTW.
Also check out "The Message And The Money" and "Caught In A Hustle".

Also, you could learn "In A Gadda Da Vida", then you'll cover Nas, AND High Contrast!
Drum n bass AND rap!