Here we have a vintage Alvarez flame maple acoustic guitar for sale


Alvarez specs:
Flame maple body and back
Figured spruce top?
Maple neck with rosewood fretboard
Snowflake inlays
Honeyburst finish
Made in Japan
Asking price $400

Once again an awesome guitar to play live or for recordings. Has a nice mellow sound to it and just looks great. Does have light pick scratching as seen in the pics, but that seems to be it.
Is there a reason you are avoiding posting pics of anything above where the neck meets the body?

Hmm, sounds fishy.
Do NOT look behind you.
Alright?? fishy cause I forgot to post a few pics up. I'll make sure I have them up tomorrow. I think if I was going to be posting a fishy for sale thread itd be for WAYYYY more than $400 or so.

But yea to anyone interested, Ill make sure to have pics of the neck and headstock up tomorrow. I must have forgotten to paste the link in from my photobucket account.