Well i got a cry baby pedal recently, and it can't be adjusted on ANY settings, know why? no knobs!
so i'm trying to be able to get a good wah going, but i also want a boss mt-2 pedal to go into my amp, if a put the wah first it makes it sound like i switch the eq or channel when i do the wah motion, if i put the distortion pedal first it wahs the distortion as well, meaning when i do the wah it sounds horribly staticy, and that would distract from the sound.
any suggestions, or am i just screwed and need a new wah?
also the part about the wah first does the same thing if i just do a od channel on my marshall, also, i'm pretty sure that it's either an orginal cry baby, or a cry baby classic, just have to look and i'll be able to tell so i'll post that soon.
thanks for the help.
my crybaby classic does the same, but when when i play on my friends marshall amp it sounds perfect
One of the reasons I don't like the MT-2 as much as I do is because I was never able to get a useable wah sound out of it. Maybe some of the metal zone lovers on here did and they can tell you what settings they used, though.
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The MT-2 isn't a great pedal... I have one, but I had to mod it in order for it to be useable for me..

they are WAY to nasally in the mids and highs, and they typically really don't work well with wahs because of that...

You can ditch it, or get a mod kit for it that will tighten it up, beef up the midrange and remove the nasally sound from it. $20 from monte allums (monteallums.com)...
You'll have a much better pedal afterwards...
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well upon Kevin Saale's comment, i looked up some other distortion pedals and found the metal muff, one quote about it is mesa boogie dual/triple rectifier in a box.....

here's a you tube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LZGWkT-M-L4

i agree in saying that the person playing has no idea how to control that much gain and distortion, i have to wonder if that would help with my wah problem...

if not oh well, i can always look into a wah with a built in distortion like the dimebag wah. and i would only use a wah for lead, so i wouldn't need THAT much distortion...

but still i would rather NOT have to buy yet another pedal due the first being a P.O.S. it's not completely but as far as what i'd use it for it would be, seeing as i play metal.