I was planning on checking out some guitars at GC sometime soon and was wondering if anyone could recommend a coil tapping guitar. I have a humbucking lp copy but I want a nice, high quality, versatile guitar to serve as a main axe sometime in the near future. I'm not really into hardcore metal or anything so I guess I would not want to use active pickups. Besides that I'd like better fret access than an lp, or at least the agile lp copy I have. If it came in a nice blue paint job that would also be a plus =)

PS. I really liked a prs custom se I tried but no coil tap?

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you almost certainly mean coil split.

why not mod a guitar? youll likely save money and be happier
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
I have a Schecter Gryphon, and like it a lot. I think they discontinued them, though... dunno. Only sold at GC i think, but check Musicians Friend.
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