This is an instrumental I cobbled together. I kinda like it and so does my band, and if you crit it I will return the favour.

WARNING: Only if you have 10 minutes of free time on your hands.
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Sorry, have to clump the crit a bit. Browser issues.

I like the clean riff, very dark yet still retains a thrash feel (kind of like Artillery and mid-era Metallica). The first two leads were very cool, I liked them a bit. The first riff was just...oh em geez. Seriously, nice riff. And, the drums accentuated it a bit, but nothing crazy. When it got to the classic thrash chug riff, I know this is definitely something I could headbang to for awhile.
Onto the second half of the song: The solo was quite good, not as good as the first two intro solos but I thought it fit the mood of the song. The drums were classic, old school Dave Lombardo style drums, as well.

All in all 9/10. The Clean parts were a bit unfitting at the end, but beyond that phenom.
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I thought the clean part in the beginning was awesome, but I honestly though the heavy parts sounded way too generic, and it's a shame considering how pumped the intro got me. I was expecting something more progressive to follow. You definitely have a great foundation, you just need to reconsider how you build upon it.
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I thought the clean riff was alright, quite repetitive though. The first distorted riff was awesome, I couldn't help but head bang. The next one was a great mosh riff. The Riff at bar 90 was meh IMO. The first solo was alright, but seeing as this is a thrash piece I would have expected more shredding. Same goes for the second solo. I liked the third solo more than the others. The fourth solo was also good.
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killswitch engage has some dissonant riffs, they're kind grindcore tho