...if you plug a bass to a guitar pedal and then to a bass amp?
my guess is nothing will happen

if you turn it on though, it might play

/smartass comment
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what pedal? ive got a guitar digitech whammy and i can run my bass through it fine
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no, seriously...

he IS serious. Yknow how there was that nuclear fallout in Chernobyl? It was because someone plugged a bass into a guitar pedal and then a bass amp.
Yes, there are special bass pedals. Guitar pedals will work, but they tend to be voiced for a guitar's harmonic range, so running a bass through one could make the tone a little funky.
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It'll be fine I play a big muff with my bass. Up yours thefitz!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahaha
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It'll work, get some savage tones and work with it. Remember, if you get your amp loud enough, your true love will be revealed to you.
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It'll work, get some savage tones and work with it. Remember, if you get your amp loud enough, your true love will be revealed to you.

uhm... ok, ill be aware, of this... especially
I do it. I run my bass through Boss OD-3, Boss Flanger and Chorus, and it works fine.
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I remember a time where guitarists had all these cool pedals and bassists had none
Then brave bassists - such as Cliff Burton - demanded equality and used guitar effects with their bass.
Not all sound good, but using guitar effects aren't a bad thing - guitar amps, that is a bad idea.
guitar pedals make basses sound more trebly, as they don't effect the lower frequencies like a bass pedal would

it won't, however, harm anything!
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I've been playing my passive P-Plus thro guitar pedals for years with reasonable results.
Even my 9v active fares well with most of them; but the 18v I've just got is freaking them out. Distortion and nasty noises everywhere. Dammit.

So really, it depends on your bass.
ah good answers ive been scared to try my bass thru the metal muff, im sure it will sound like a bunch of angry bumblebees anyhow

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Boss Flanger

Doesn't that have a seperate bass input though?
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